Fox Enterprise Services strives to make the difference in our streamlined approach to panel fabrication.

State of the Art Fabrication

Serving Canton, Ohio Since 1999

Our in house operations include design, engineering, engineered shop and coordination drawings, field measurements, fabrication, installation training, and shop to site shipping. By including these services in one location, we are able to substantially reduce lead times while increasing everyone’s bottom line.

In addition, the FOXScreen ACM Panel System was tested by an independent accredited laboratory that complies with globally recognized ASTM standards. To see details on the panel testing and fabrication process, download our fabrication guide.

Customer Satisfaction

At Fox Enterprise Services, we are truly driven to provide customer satisfaction.

With the use of box trailers, trucks, and crates, we have simplified the shipping process IN HOUSE! Once the panels have been fabricated in our shop, we crate and load them based on areas of the job that are ready for installation. We have found through experience this allows us to be onsite sooner. In addition, this process keeps our finish products onsite the least making them less likely to be damaged or space consuming. We will continue to fabricate, ship, and install until the project is completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!