Construction Services

At Fox Enterprise Services, we are truly driven to provide customer satisfaction.

An Organized Project Team

After the contract documents have been executed, the details hashed out, and the products selected the “real” work begins.

Construction of each project is unique which requires a skill set from our diverse team. We have project managers that specialize in each scope of work keeping the transition to the field seamless. Since the project managers are involved in the planning of the project, they are able to execute it just as planned.

Safety Without Question

Employee Education, Jobsite Assessments

We understand that our reputation in is on the line everyday and promise to fulfill our contract agreements without compromising quality, productivity or the safety of our Team Members. With a full time Safety Director, we are constant in our efforts to maintain a workplace free of distractions.

All Team Members are fully trained and OSHA compliant specific to their skill level and position within Fox Enterprise Services. Continuing education is an integral part of our workplace training as complacency gives way to injuries. Jobsite specific safety assessments are completed prior to commencing onsite work. This addresses possible concerns while eliminating an unwanted situation.

It has been [DateCounter startDate=”2019-01-01″ endDate=”now” format=”Days”] days since our last accident

Customer Oriented Strategy

With the use of box trailers, trucks, and crates, we have simplified the shipping process IN HOUSE! Once the panels have been fabricated in our shop, we crate and load them based on areas of the job that are ready for installation.

Through experience, we have found this allows us to be onsite sooner and coordinate areas of concern. In addition, this process keeps our finish products onsite, making them less likely to be damaged or space consuming. We will continue to fabricate, ship, and install until the project is completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved. At Fox Enterprise Services, we are truly driven to provide customer satisfaction.

Project, Production and Punchlists

As the job winds down, it is imperative that closeouts are seen through completion both in the field and behind the desk. Our complete project team will stay involved to make sure every last trim is installed and all warranties are processed.

The projects’ unique design just became a reality and we will give you the paperwork to prove it! Fox Enterprise Services, along with the manufacturers that we represent, will stand behind the products we install.

With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!