Insulated Core Metal Wall Panels

Insulated Core Panels offer an Architectural panel solution with thick gauge facings for a high-profile appearance and added feasibility.

Insulated Core Metal Wall Panels

his is great solution for for commercial and industrial projects. Since it offers trimless ends and pre-formed corners, the architectural panel systems eliminate the need for metal flashings allowing architects and owners more design freedom.

Insulated core panel systems include flat, smooth, and deeply corrugated profiles which increases aesthetic opportunities. Theses systems can be installed in both a horizontal or vertical application.

Insulated metal panels boast a polyurethane core encapsulated by two steel facings for an all-in-one building envelope solution. As such, Insulated Panel Systems negate the need for additional insulation within the wall. This unique design is also a great solution for remodel work as an owner can add R-value without the added costs of demolition work.

Partners Include

Metl-Span, Centria, & Kingspan


With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!