Pre-Construction Services

Our range of services gives you an honest look at the types of finishes available.

Drafting Your Design

Since every project requires unique details, design, and innovation, it is important that realistic capabilities are developed at this stage in the process. While developing partnerships with various design team individuals, we can create the start of a vision that becomes a reality as the blueprints come to life. This process includes full-service in-house CAD services uniquely developed for each project.


Once a general concept has been established for the project, Fox will put the drafting team together with the estimators and project managers giving the owners the best bang for their buck!

When these phases are combined, we can work through the differences that may arise between drawings and reality. From here we create the most accurate, cost-effective project as if we were the owners.

Our goal is to give our customers the most accurate estimate with all the choices on the table. We feel budgeting accurately adds value to our relationship as it limits surprises in costs or capabilities later.


The brains behind the operation matter GREATLY! Cladding can be applied over a variety of substrates including masonry, metal stubs, and wood applications.

We would also recommend a vapor barrier behind many of our systems. To achieve R-value, insulation can be added behind our panel systems which also requires a furring. Contracting the same contractor complete this entire system eliminates the finger pointing should an issue arise.

We will begin at the insulation and give you a completed, sealed system. There endless possibilities based on the goal in mind.

Value Engineering

The variety in our capabilities allow us creativity while staying in budget.

It’s important that owners understand options at each price point as not every finish is a suitable solution. There are times, this option does not include Fox, and we understand that too.

Our goal is to reach a design that is within the budget that the project team can be proud of! Our range of services gives you an honest look at the types of finishes available. 

With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!