Fox Enterprise Services strives to make the difference in our streamlined approach to panel fabrication.

Roofing Experts

Fox Enterprise Services is also greatly experienced in the roofing industry.

We are certified by the manufacturers that we represent and capable of warranted systems for the life of the building in some cases. Our experience with flat and steep slope roofs include Standing Seam, PVC, EPDM, KEE, TPO, and Shingle. Since we specialize in panels, sheet metal and roofing, we can offer a one stop shop for your exterior finishes. Let us be that finishing touch you have been looking for!

Location, Location, Location – Industrial

From Ohio to Colorado, we are a full services roofing company for the industrial market. Membrane roofs are an ideal solution for “box” applications. It gives the owner a fast paced, clean, warranted system. Add insulation, cover boards, and vapor barriers to any roofing membrane to extend the life of the warranty. Options are available up to 35 years and are backed by the Manufacturer of the roof.

Roofing Products

Membrane Roofing

The wide variety of membrane roofing includes PVC, EPDM, KEE, and TPO systems. Also known as single ply roofing. This has become an increasingly popular flat roof covering over the last decade. A single ply roof is comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer that can be divided into two main groups, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. Since thermoplastics can be reheated and remoulded, they have become the number one option for many industrial roofing applications.

PVC is recognized as a thermoplastic membrane and has been used as a single ply membrane roofing material in other countries since the early 1960s. From the largest of factory rooftops to much smaller garage roofs and bay windows, it can be easily used in a variety of situations and environments. In addition to being durable, single ply roofing systems are UV and chemical resistant, and fire retardant. EPDM is a single ply material that can be mechanically fastened, ballasted or fully adhered. It has excellent weathering qualities as it is 100% resistant to UV radiation, Ozone thermal shock and changing weather conditions. Due to its durability, EPDM is often used in colder climate installations. The life expectancy of EPDM is between 20 – 30 years, however some reports suggest it will last up to 40 years.

While there are many variables relative to what drives costs,EPDM is typically known as the most cost efficient; followed by PVC and TPO.

Partners Include

GAF, Carlisle, Versico, & Firestone

Metal Roofing

Our extensive experience in various wall panel applications gives us the leading edge in metal roofs. Metal roofs offer sustainability with a unique architectural component. Painted architectural metal roofs can last substantially longer than shingles on a steep slope application and when the color fades it can be re-painted or coated to offer additional years to the life of the roof.

Shingle Roofing

Shingles are a great solution to roofing applications for pitches over 4:12 both commercially and residentially. In a variety of colors and architectural designs they can be a great compliment to any roof line. They are also the most cost-effective material for this application.

Partners Include

GAF, Certainteed, & Owens Corning

Skylights, Smoke Vents, and Hatches

These components have built a bad reputation in causing leaks but when installed properly they are a useful addition to the system creating versatile, efficient, safe spaces. In some areas of the country, tax breaks are available for installation of these units.

Partners Include

Bilco, Nystrum, Babcock-Davis, Acudor, & VELUX

Industrial “Box” Roofing

With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!