Residental Apartment Buildings


The construction project at TREO is a tremendous testament to the expertise and craftsmanship at Fox Enterprise Services in metal paneling. At TREO, Fox Enterprise Services showcased their unrivaled skill in utilizing Alpolic ACM to bring the finished product to fruition.

Alpolic ACM, known for its exceptional versatility and aesthetic appeal, played a crucial role in the construction of TREO. Fox utilized panels in 3-custom color copper and Alpolic’s Timber series (Woodgrain). The exceptional qualities of Alpolic ACM extend beyond its visual appeal. Its lightweight and structural integrity ensured ease of installation and longevity, contributing to the overall durability of the project. The final result is a masterfully created modern apartment complex sure to appeal both the planners and future residents alike

Waterford Bluffs

Waterford Bluffs stands as a testament to the artistry of construction, with the exquisite metal paneling completed by the esteemed team at Fox Enterprise Services. The project showcases a harmonious blend of innovation and functionality, with the integration of top-tier materials, Including Alpolic ACM, PAC-CLAD, and Longboard, resulting in an exceptional finished project.

For Waterford Bluffs, Fox Enterprise Services utilized Aluminum Composite (ACM) from Alpolic. Consisting of 3 standard colors: Bone white, Matte Black, and Slate Grey. For the Corrugated Panels, Fox utilized PAC-CLAD. Each PAC-CLAD panel 24 GA. Steel consisted of two colors: Slate Gray and Matte Black. Fox Enterprise Services also utilized Longboard aluminum panels. The combination of these materials has transformed Waterford Bluffs into a true architectural marvel.

With a 16′ table, we are able to optimize the layout of your project to maximize the material & keep raw costs down for our customers!