Waterford Bluffs apartment building in Cleveland is complete and a sight to behold.

As a fabricator and installer, Fox Enterprise Services had to create an ever changing schedule for installing and manufacturing materials. All ACM was built in our fabrication facility in North Canton, OH – then later delivered to the jobsite.

Over the course of the year, weather presented the greatest challenge of all. While, we always enjoy a challenge, there were many aspects of the architectural design made the project both unique and difficult. Various penetrations in the walls, including decks, mechanicals, and windows create a great finished product but require such a specific detail on each elevation.
Promoting and maintaining a good working relationship with other trades on site was also imperative in order to alleviate most issues with our schedule and helped us stay on track. Coordination with such unique details becomes an everyday obstacle on a job of this magnitude. In addition, the use of multiple angles and materials create the need for a very skilled crew in order to achieve the architectural intent.
Overall, we enjoyed the challenges and enjoyed working with all the trades in order to create a completed project that the entire team is proud to have their name on.